10 Films With Awesome Animated TV Shows You Forgot Existed

10. Kong: The Animated Series

One of those shows that just kind of baffled me as a child, Kong: The Animated Series featured the eponymous ape as he collaborated with scientist Lorna Jenkins and her son to battle the evil Ramon De La Porta. Also there was mystical stuff involved. Maybe a psychic link too; it was odd.

In actual fact I don't even know if we can call this a Kong series, considering how the Kong featured here wasn't the actual ape from the 1933 original, but rather a genetically engineered clone (bear with) of the monster in question. The psychic link gimmick wasn't all that appealing now that I recall, but Kong still possessed all the trappings of an enjoyable Saturday morning distraction.

Though Kong has to be one of the stranger film-to-TV animated adaptations to have featured over the past few decades, it was also completely innocuous. Between it and Godzilla, I think I preferred the latter, but still, it encapsulates the weird and wonderful aspects of '90s kids television quite neatly, I think. Consider it a decent contingency plan if Skull Island tanks later this year.

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