10 Friends Timeline Mistakes You Never Noticed

8. Phoebe's Father Didn't Leave Before She Was Born

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Though season five's The One With Joey's Bag is titularly focused on Joey's 'man's bag' as he attempts to come across chic for an audition, its prevalent story is centred on Phoebe meeting her biological father, Frank (Bob Balaban), during the funeral of her adoptive grandmother, Frances (Audra Lindley).

Sitting down with his daughter at Central Perk, Frank claims to have been a "lousy father" to both Phoebe and Ursula (also Kudrow), having purportedly burned baby formula, put diapers on back-to-front, and made the Buffay twins bawl when signing them a lullaby. He did, however, try his best - which negates what Phoebe had antecedently described her father as.

In season two's The One With Phoebe's Dad, the idiosyncratic Buffay sister claimed that her father had walked out on the family while Phoebe's mother was pregnant with the twins.

This isn't directly an example of Phoebe's word against her father's; it's probable that either Phoebe's biological or adoptive mother told her that's what happened. It's equally as plausible that Phoebe has an erroneous order of events. She was a baby when Frank left and had an agonising childhood, so recollecting the events as they happened in a differential order wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

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