10 Funniest Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

You have the right to remain humoured.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Just when it seemed as if the sitcom's time in the spotlight was beginning to dwindle, life was once again injected into it with the arrival of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

As it continued to gain acclaim despite being in its twilight stage, the show, which is best described as a hybrid of Friends and The Office, contained stories of sentimentality and the focal setting of a chaotic workplace which bears both conflicts and the solutions.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine retained this formula while finely tuning it for a more modern audience, with characters - and caricatures - that are more reflective of our current times and attitudes, which - like its predecessors - will no doubt become antiquated and archaic in the future.

However, one thing that it shares with its aforementioned predecessors is the sole thing that'll never change within a good sitcom: it's array of comedic characters.

That B99 shows exceptionally crafted, side-splitting humour that has made it so popular, means there is a lot to choose from in this department. Inevitably, and unfortunately so, some had to miss out as we count down the top ten funniest characters in the series!

10. Teddy Wells

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Definitely not the most dynamically well-versed character when it comes to comedy, but certainly the most unintentionally foolish one - despite his excellent work record and exceedingly professional demeanour - Teddy Wells is a thorn in Jake and Amy's side that seemingly can't be removed.

Starting life as Amy's first major love interest within the series, which if we're being honest we all knew was never going to last, Teddy introduces himself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to brains, but not brawn and definitely not charm. In fact, he's by far the dullest and most uninteresting human being that's possibly ever been shown on a television screen, but that innate lack of personality is exactly what makes Teddy so funny.

On paper - and in reality - his personality just reeks of something you'd want to stay clear of. His jazz brunches, undying love for the most boring alcohol on the planet, Pilsner, and the way he chooses to spend his weekends, which is marking workplace-related papers, don't make for the most enthralling human being around, do they?

The cherry on the cake, though, is the countless times that he asks Amy to marry him and the circumstances in which he chooses to do so. He could have a bomb to defuse, Jake stood next to Amy, or even his own partner stood next to him.


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