10 Funniest Episodes Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

"You're a master of karate (and friendship!) for everyone."

Nothing on television is as simultaneously stupid and clever as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The show hides its intelligence behind the wacky, devious, disgusting antics of its five main protagonists, but lets it shine through at the right moments. It's a truly innovative phenomenon, defying convention at every turn. What other show would see one of its chief stars (and creators) increase his weight by almost a third, simply to avoid the tired trend of sitcom casts becoming more attractive as their actors' lifestyles improve? Let's not forget that Sunny is also very, very funny. Its most humorous episodes are sometimes the result of such cleverness and innovation, but are often down to the simple combination of amazing writing and fantastic performances. With ten seasons of material to draw upon, certain episodes have leaped out of the pack as revered favourites among the passionate Sunny fanbase. Some are offensive, others disarmingly clever. Whatever their qualities, they all share one thing in common - the ability to make even the most stoic of audiences snort with laughter.

10. Chardee MacDennis: The Game Of Games (Season 7 - Episode 7)

The show's take on the classic low-budget bottle episode resulted in one of the funniest of the entire series, a testament to the ability of Sunny's five stars, who thrive without the aid of a substantial plot or change of scenery. The episode revolves around a ludicrously competitive drinking game, a classic sitcom premise, but one given a characteristically dark twist. Dee and Dennis take on Mac and Charlie over three rounds of mental, physical and emotional challenges, consuming a ridiculous amount of alcohol in the process. The rules of the game are swamped with classic Sunny immorality; cheating is encouraged, darts are thrown into open palms, and the entire last level revolves around "emotional battery and public humiliation". With Frank acting as the bewildered onlooker, a role shared by the audience, the four central characters are allowed a half hour of simply being themselves. It's a refreshing episode, one uncluttered by wacky schemes, and lots of fun to boot.
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