10 Funniest Halloween TV Episodes

Halloween isn’t usually thought of as a funny season, but clearly no one told these shows.


Halloween is almost upon us, and with that comes amazing television specials. Though plenty of shows will whip out new editions (The Simpsons 666th episode is Treehouse Of Horror XXX, for example), there’ll be many reruns on TV too and classics to indulge in.

However, horror shows like The Haunting Of Hill House, American Horror Story or Scream aren't what this list is about. They’re certainly good to watch on October 31st, but they’re not really Halloween specials, they’re just straight up scary.

Instead, it's comedies in the spotlight. Sitcoms and animated shows qualify, as long as their Halloween episode is hilarious. Dramas might have a Halloween party in the background, but comedies, with lower stakes and fewer boundaries, are able to fully commit to the holiday and go completely nuts.

They take ridiculous steps, dress up the cast in knowing costumes and just generally have fun with Halloween as a concept. When they do go scary, it makes for a good change of pace too, as it's usually matched with wackiness.

These classic Halloween episodes are definitely not to be missed.

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