10 Funniest Halloween TV Episodes

10. Family Guy - Halloween On Spooner Street


A few of the animated shows here do a Halloween episode every couple of years, eager for the chance to switch things up. Family Guy though, despite pushing the envelope in other areas, only really has three specific Halloween episodes, with a couple of other kinda-sortas like Viewer Mail.

They’re often accused of beating jokes into the ground, so it’s a little surprising that they’ve largely avoided what feels like such easy territory.

Nevertheless, when they have gone there, they’ve delivered some great episodes. Halloween On Spooner Street deserves to be here on the back of Stewie in his little duck costume alone, but the episode is great elsewhere too.

Brian helps Stewie with his first ever trick or treating night, but the candy ends up getting stolen by bullies. However, their fate is significantly better than Meg’s & Chris’. Meg sneaks into an older kids’ party and, thanks to both of them wearing masks, the pair end up enthusiastically participating in seven minutes in heaven together.

Rounding off the truly terrible (but very funny) night, Peter and Joe prank Quagmire, resulting in Quagmire almost crashing a plane with them aboard while pretending to be a kamikaze pilot.

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