10 Funniest Star Trek Episodes

9. Queen Arachnia - Bride Of Chaotica!

Star Trek Picard

Kate Mulgrew is fantastic as the Queen of all Queens (yes, I hope you're listening Alice and Susanna!) in this retro throwback to 50's serials. Tasked with getting on the good side of the great evil menace in Paris's holodeck program, this is an episode that is just balls to the wall comedy.

The holodeck episodes are often a way for the regular cast to really let loose and ham it up in their roles, relaxing from the weekly routine of their usual characters. Here, Paris is Captain Proton and Janeway is the Queen, almost as different from their normal relationship as that time they had salamander babies.

Voyager utilized the holodeck perhaps more than any of the other series to varying degrees of success. There is some debate around Fair Haven and Spirit Folk - harmless enjoyment or radically racist Irish stereotypes? The Captain Proton program delivers though - it is camp, it is pure Sci Fi and it is a reflection of the dreams of the men and women who worked on the earliest stories that laid the foundation of the franchise.

With the old monochrome style and the over the top designs of the gadgets and gizmos, this is an entry that is sure to get any nostalgia fans heart warmed.


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