10 Game Of Thrones Characters We Never Saw Die

Are they still alive? Did they say to the many-faced god: "Not today"?


It's one of the bloodiest shows on TV. Virtually every episode comes with a death scene or two, many of them shocking, unexpected, and often quite graphic. All of which of course means that, with the final season of Game Of Thrones just days away, there is inevitably a whole heap of speculation about who will still be alive come the 19 May finale. But what if some of those that will turn out to live in the final season are characters that we've been assuming are already dead?

By now fans are savvy enough to know that if the series - which glories in shockingly violent on-screen deaths like the iconic Red Wedding - doesn't actually show us the moment of a character's death, then perhaps they never really died at all.

Arya, for example, left the Hound to die, battered and bleeding after his fight with Brienne, on a cliff at the end of Season 4. By midway through Season 6, though, there he was alive and well and building a church with Ian McShane. Stark uncle Benjen, the First Ranger of the Night's Watch in early episodes, had an even longer gap between being presumed dead in the first season and riding to the rescue of Bran and Meera beyond the wall in the sixth.

But who else might pull a Benjen and surprise us all by showing up alive and well in the final season?


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