10 Game Of Thrones Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

10. Hodor Is A DJ In Real Life

That€™s right, Kristian Nairn was a full-time DJ before he landed the role of the loveable giant Hodor in HBO€™s hit show. He grew up in Northern Ireland - and into a massive 6 foot 10 frame - making him the tallest Game Of Thrones cast member €“ which, funnily enough, paved the way to performance arts and DJing rather than sports. In addition to spinning vinyl, DJ Nairn also sings, plays guitar, and performs on stage. During the off-season, when he€™s not carrying Bran around and saying one of 70 different versions of €œHodor€, Nairn still DJs in his native Belfast. Now that the show is so popular, just about every actor in it is getting recognised whether they're walking on the street or making you bust a move on the dance floor. During the quieter moments of Nairn's sets, fans of the show shout out €œHodor!€ as a way to egg him on and shower praise for his work on the show. Now that we've got the mental image, the only question is; how will we ever look at Hodor the same way again?

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