10 Great Sci-Fi TV Shows (That Died Too Soon)

Sci-Fi is a sink or swim genre filled with shows that ended way too soon.

Dark Angel
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When you debut a new TV series, you only get one chance to make a first impression and it's really hard to come back from a bad one. That's even more true with sci- fans, who are a notoriously unforgiving lot. If they get behind your show, they will support it until the bitter end. But if they're not on board, good luck getting them to tune in.

Despite fan support and great, or at least decent, reviews, there are all too many sci-fi TV series that got the axe long before it was time. A great show needs time to play out its story, to build characters and take them on a journey. Sci-fi plots tend to be serialized and intricate. Well, the good ones are at the very least.

When a good show is gone before its time, it leaves fans with questions that might never get answered. Sometimes, they luck out and get books, comics or a movie that fills in the gaps but it just isn't the same as more episodes. A proper finale means everything for a great sci-fi series. Sadly, these shows didn't get one.

10. Jericho (2006 - 2008)

Dark Angel

Post-apocalyptic stories have always fascinated TV viewers, from The Walking Dead to The Last Man on Earth. Jericho had the potential to be one of the best if it could have aired more than two seasons.

After a series of nuclear bomb attacks in target US cities, the town of Jericho finds itself cut off from the rest of the country. Slowly, the story comes into focus and factions across America rise up to take control in the aftermath. The residents of Jericho find themselves thrust into the conflict as pivotal players in the game.

An often gripping drama that played out its tension well, more seasons were definitely needed to flesh out the whole story. Unfortunately, that didn't happen though seasons three and four found life in comic book form.


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