10 Great Sci-Fi TV Shows (That Died Too Soon)

9. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008 - 2009)

Dark Angel

If you're looking for the best thing in the Terminator franchise since Judgment Day, look no further than The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That being said, clocking in as the best recent entry in the Terminator franchise is not a hard bar to get over.

The essential premise of the series was that Sarah, John and a new Terminator called Cameron jump forward in time to 2007 after the events of Judgment Day to continue the fight against Skynet. Their problem is that Skynet is sending a stream of Terminators back in time to take them all out and win by any means necessary.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles did a marvelous job of expanding on the overall narrative, which is something the franchise desperately needed and still needs. Rather than trying to capture old glory in theatres, the small screen Terminator installment gave fans more story and new characters to work with. Two seasons just wasn't enough.


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