10 Great Shows To Watch On Britbox UK

9. Wolf Hall


Two of Hilary Mantel's pseudo-biographical historical novels surrounding Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's chief minister, were serialised by the BBC in 2015, and are now available on Britbox. Its six episodes of period costume, proper English and political intrigue are a fascinating chronology of the rapid rise of Cromwell in Henry's favour and the events surrounding part of his tenure.

Beginning in 1529, when his superior Cardinal Wolsey was dismissed as Lord Chancellor, the series covers events such as Henry's break from Rome, his marriage to Anne Boleyn, and the Exeter Conspiracy. These occurrences are not too recondite as to deter the casual viewer; Damien Lewis' Henry is instantly recognisable as the stereotypical image we see in school textbooks, for instance.

Any fan of period or historical drama should consider Wolf Hall essential viewing- as perhaps should parents struggling to home school their children about the Tudors. Perhaps cover their eyes during the execution scenes, mind- even though we all know the outcome, they still aren't exactly sunshine and daisies to watch.

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