10 Greatest Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

2. Two-Face

Yet even better than the series' version of Mr Freeze is BTAS' take on Two-Face. As one of Batman's most famous villains, his descent from upstanding District Attorney to disfigured criminal is a well-known origin tale but the show makes it feel as fresh and involving as ever. The ace up the sleeve of this two-parter (obviously) is the ingenious addition that Harvey and Bruce are best friends. Rather than, as in The Dark Knight, the loss of Harvey only symbolising the corruptibility of good men, here Dent's downfall into insanity is a huge personal blow to Batman. The series also made great use of the very fact that it was a TV show so that we got to know the good Harvey for several episodes before his transformation, giving it even more impact. P.S. Richard Moll's growling delivery deserves to be as definitive for his character as Mark Hamill is for the Joker.

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