10 Greatest Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

1. Almost Got 'Im

As is clear from this list, one of the series' greatest strengths is its use of Batman's terrific rogues gallery (the best in all of comicdom). Even better than other multiple villain episodes like Trial and The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne, this episode uses a selection of those villains to a great extent as the whole episode is from their point of view. As they play a game of poker, the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc reminisce about the times they almost got the Bat. The animation, voice acting and writing are all sublime here, with the many characters each getting a moment to shine. Two-Face recounts the origin story of the Giant Penny that sits in the Batcave, Killer Croc is played for laughs ("I threw a rock at him... it was a big rock.") and the Joker, as always, steals the best lines. Plus a fun twist shows that Batman isn't bad himself when it comes to laying traps for his enemies. There's even a moment of romance for Batman and Catwoman. As the Joker says, there's more than one way to get someone, after all... Have we left your favourite BTAS episode off this list? Don't get animated, leave your thoughts in the comments below!
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