10 Greatest Musician Cameos On The Simpsons

9. Flight of the Conchords

The Simpsons Bette Midler

By season 21, The Simpsons was a decade or more past its golden years. This season opener was, relatively speaking, pretty decent, though, and that’s thanks in a large part to its intelligent guest casting.

The A-plot sees Lisa attend a performing arts camp. Upon her return, the regular world seems all too dreary, so she ditches suburbia for Sprooklyn (which gives an idea as to how little effort the writers were making at times here).

There are hipster jokes galore that felt outdated even in 2010, but the saving grace is Flight of the Conchords. Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement play, essentially, themselves as camp counsellors. They’re awkward, socially maladjusted, and eager to burst into song at every opportunity.

The writers actually do a good job of capturing the Conchords’ comedy style in their musical spots, essentially parodying a parody, no mean feat. They’re neatly integrated into the wider Simpsons world and give this middling episode most of its best moments.


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