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10 Greatest T-Shirts As Seen On TV Shows

Hey! Our eyes are up here.

Most of time, we tend not to really notice what people are wearing on our favourite TV shows - we get so used to seeing the same characters over and over again that - just as is the case with real life friends, too - our brains don't always register what items of clothing they've chosen to garb themselves in. Occasionally, though, a character on a television show will burst onto the scene wearing an item of clothing so cool, so memorable or so outright weird, that it literally forces you to look upon it and declare: "It is essential that I possess that thing as my own right this second!" Gathered here, then, are 10 t-shirts of that very kind - tees from some of the most popular shows on television, all of which would be undeniably awesome to own in reality (many of which you actually can). Whether it's a licensed t-shirt or one made purposely for the show, these are our favourite items - t-shirts with designs that lodged themselves in our thoughts, and had us frantically searching the internet for places to buy them. What do you make of our picks? Are you lucky enough to own any of these tees? What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

10. What The Frak? - 30 Rock

Mexican actresses Salma Hayek isn't the first person you'd associate with the world of Battlestar Galactica, but her character on 30 Rock - Elisa Pedrera, who appeared in a reoccurring role over the course of the show's run - is apparently a huge fan, going by this nerdtastic t-shirt she sports in one episode. Was this just a throwaway gag? Did NBC have a hidden agenda when they included it? Are we over-thinking things again? What the frak?

9. Red Rooster - Workaholics

If there's anything cooler than this t-shirt, we don't want to know about it. Workaholics' loveable douchebag Blake rocks this rooster-based item of cloth like it's the most normal thing in the world. There's something strangely mesmerising about staring into the dead eyes of this t-shirt - hypnotic, even. And not anywhere near as explicit for a t-shirt that features a giant cock, either.

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