10 Greatest TV Bottle Episodes

9. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - CharDee Mac Dennis

Community Remedial Chaos

A show with few if any boundaries, It’s Always Sunny made its name with brash and daring comedy, an unpredictable focus and the ability to place its characters into basically any situation. With such freewheeling energy, it’s all the more impressive that one of its finest episodes sees the gang play a board game for 20 minutes.

Being It’s Always Sunny, of course, they’re not playing Monopoly. The titular game, devised by the characters, doesn’t so much devolve into chaos as starts off chaotic and gets worse. The rules are simple: cheating is encouraged (as long as you don’t get caught); booze, naturally, is flowing freely, and the aim of the game is to hurt and humiliate your opponents.

The stakes are low but the nonsense of the game, coupled with the increasing inebriation of the characters, makes for one of the liveliest and most memorable episodes in the show’s run as every character gets a moment in the spotlight,

It’s Always Sunny knows how to do a lot with a low budget, but they embrace their limitations here to create glorious pandemonium out of five drunk idiots playing a made up game.

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