10 Hidden Details You Definitely Missed In The Good Place

The Magic Panda is real!

Good Place magic panda

Amidst the rollercoaster of emotions, philosophy and frozen yoghurt The Good Place brought to the table through 2016 to 2019, Michael Schur created something unlike anything to come before. With heavy themes about death, philosophy, good and evil, Schur managed to keep this fantastic show light hearted and fun, with a storyline that will kept us glued to Netflix for days on end (As long as the person you gave your password to wasn't binging it before you, anyway.)

Sometimes producers can be pretty sneaky when it comes to the fine details of a movie or sitcom, and The Good Place is definitely not an exception to the rules. Hidden messages, themes, images, pandas, you know the drill. Even when it ends and it was so good you have to watch it 1,000 more times, sometimes, they can still go right over your noodle.

So, before you lose your 'forking' minds, sit back, chill out, and get Janet to bring you your favourite cactus as we delve deeper into The Good Place with 10 details you definitely missed.


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