10 Hidden Details You Definitely Missed In The Good Place

10. Eleanor's Backwards Wardrobe


The wardrobe in this show has been fine tuned to the tiniest of details to reflect their characters perfectly. Michael's suits and bow ties, Jason's tracksuits and... monk robes, Tahani's perfectly tailored dresses, you get the gist. But have you ever realised that Eleanor's personality is just not reflected in how she dresses in the Good Place?

When Eleanor lands in the good place, there are some details that are more obvious than others which point towards the fact she doesn't belong there. Her house, her soul mate, the crumbling state of the world she has just entered. But there was one aspect which flew under the radar. Eleanor's Good Place wardrobe is significantly different to her clothes from her flashbacks on earth.

Why? Because the clothes she is wearing in the good place are meant for the good Eleanor. So along with hating her clown house and socialising with anyone that smiles at her, Eleanor is definitely hating those clogs she's been forced to wear.


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