10 Hidden Details You Definitely Missed In The Good Place

9. Uncomfortable Furniture Torture

The Good Place Eleanor furniture

Spoiler alert, but the good place is actually the bad place. The writers cleverly came up with a form of psychological torture where they believe everything is amazing, but for one reason or another they’re actually totally miserable. For example, Chidi has trouble making any form of choice, so he is doomed and forever tortured by being forced to make decisions... which comes hand in hand with belly ache.

However, there were some forms not so obvious to the viewer, such as Eleanor's incredibly small and uncomfortable furniture. It may look chic and modern , but each piece was chosen specifically for its lack in comfort - all part of the torture. The chairs have no backs or they're too low to be comfortable on, the statues are all sharp with pointy edges to walk into, there's broccoli in the fruit bowl. Everything, as Michael tries to point out at the start, is not fine.


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