10 Hidden Gem Horror TV Shows You Need To Watch

The scares you haven't felt yet.

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For many years, it seemed like horror as a genre would forever be relegated to the big screen, with television efforts at delivering the same scale of gore and fear present in theatres falling flat.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case - everyone and their mother has heard of shows like American Horror Story, and many popular horrors are actually considered prestige television, rather than your regular old slasher flick.

Despite this, there are many excellent horror shows out there that all but the most invested of horror aficionados likely missed, whether thanks to lack of promotion, niche subject matter, or relegation to genre-specific cable and streaming networks.

This needs to change, because horror is producing some of the best quality programs around, and who doesn't like a little jump scare to spice up your weekend?

No matter if you’re a tentative fan dipping your toe in the bloody waters, or a long-time fear-seeker branching away from movies, these shows deserve to be added to your to watch list, stat!

10. The Strain

marianne netflix

Ironically for a show about vampires, FX’s The Strain has admittedly seen a little more time in the sun than some of the other shows on this list, earning itself an impressive four seasons with the American Horror Story network. However, for a show created by (and based on the novel trilogy of the same name) eerie mastermind Guillermo del Toro himself, it remains pitifully under-recognised.

The Strain merges science with the supernatural, following the head of a CDC project who is called to investigate a plane landing wherein all the passengers are found mysteriously dead, and later discovers a sudden viral outbreak that mimics an ancient strain of vampirism.

Bloodsucking as a pandemic is an innovative spin on the genre itself, but over the seasons, the narrative, along with the outbreak, expands far beyond this initial premise and cements itself with a compelling cast of characters.

Better yet, the show never got cancelled, but rather was able to tie up the plot laid out in its source material as intended, so the entire, completed story is ready and waiting in full for you to get your fangs into.

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