10 Horror Television Episodes That Are Practically Flawless

Horrific perfection.

Stranger Things Dear Billy

Horror as a genre has been treated to some truly flawless offerings over the years. A Quiet Place, Get Out and Hereditary stand as just a few examples of modern cinematic efforts that have been showered with acclaim, with many critics struggling to find a legitimate flaw in the production to complain about.

Thankfully for fright fans, this is a status quo that extends to television. Horror has produced some of the finest series ever seen, with shows in the vein of Stranger Things, Hannibal, and The Last of Us - to name but a few - being lauded as some of the most impressive pieces of television of all time.

The success of these shows can be attributed in large part to the sparkling quality of the episodes that can be found within them. Effortlessly blending the beloved traditional elements of suspense, fear and disgust with nuanced character development and a riveting, intricate storyline to boot, horror can rightfully stake a claim to some of television's most flawless offerings.

Be it the technical aspects of production that bring the episode to life, the contentious, loaded themes they tackle, or the delicate balancing act between shock value and legitimately thought provoking material, the following episodes stand as horror's most impressive television-based entries to date.

Warning - this article contains major spoilers!

10. Episode 11 - All Of Us Are Dead

Stranger Things Dear Billy

The penultimate episode of Korean zombie drama All of Us Are Dead's explosive debut season is a sublime masterclass in raw emotion, thrilling action sequences and evocative displays of heroism, sacrifice and unbridled evil.

While this episode may be flawless, it's not for the faint hearted. The central themes of the episode are loss and sacrifice, with both desolating elements coming about in spades.

All of Us Are Dead had spent an entire season building to On-Jo's reunion with her father So-Ju, only to whip him away in a brutal instant. The doting father forfeits his own life after he is bitten by a zombie, distracting the oncoming hordes who subsequently devour him as the survivors make their getaway.

However, the writers weren't quite done with their harrowing masterpiece yet, inflicting the cruellest twist of fate imaginable. Protagonist Lee Cheong-San is bitten by the season's chief sh*t-heel Gwi-Nam, a despicable bully who had previously been turned into a halfbie - zombies who retain their human consciousness with all of the enhanced physical abilities of this universe's version of the undead.

Cheong-San gets a tearful goodbye with On-Jo - she already lost her father for Christ's sake! - before he's off for an epic rooftop showdown with Gwi-Nam. Episode 11 delivers its crowning jewel in the form of an almighty cliffhanger of the loftiest proportions, as our protagonist and his adversary are seemingly blasted down an elevator shaft by the force of explosions from the arriving military.

Simply put, it's zombie horror perfection.


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