10 Horror TV Shows Where The Hero Became The Villain

How the mighty have fallen.

Will Graham Hannibal
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A character's transformation from hero to villain can be one of the most effective things a horror TV show pulls off. It literally forces viewers to take a mental step back, questioning their own moral compass as they realize that a person they threw their emotional support behind is actually a villain.

Some of television's finest heroes are former villains seeking redemption and the exact same can be said for their wicked counterparts.

A hero-to-villain arc allows for nuanced character development and for the show in question to deal with compelling issues in the vein of morality, corruption and redemption. It highlights just how indiscernible the line between good and evil can ultimately be, inviting the audience to mentally explore the ramifications of a given character's situation.

All of this makes for gripping viewing - the unpredictable nature and overall complexity of these characters means that they number amongst the most watchable faces on television. Sit back and enjoy some of horror's finest heel turns.

10. Being Human - John Mitchell

Will Graham Hannibal

Until his departure in Season 3, one of Being Human's most prized attributes was Aidan Turner's John Mitchell.

A vampiric WWI veteran with a considerable amount of red in his ledger, audiences meet Mitchell as he tries to escape his tumultuous (and bloody) past. He forms a close bond with ghostly Annie Sawyer and lycanthropic George Sands, highlighting the fact that his humanity remains intact.

Hell, this was a man who literally only became a vampire in the first place to protect his fellow soldiers in the war - talk about a hero!

Sadly for his friends, Mitchell proceeds to undergo a spectacular slide into villainy before his eventual demise. The vampire abandons his journey of redemption in favour of perpetrating an array of horrifying acts - ruthlessly dispatching anyone who gets in his way, turning the woman he loves into a vampire and forming alliances with nightmarishly bloodthirsty creatures.

John's darkest moment comes in the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre, as he gives in to his vampiric urges and murders countless innocents.

Invoking a masterful blend of sympathy and disgust from audiences, Turner's stunning performance stands as one of horror based television's finest moral decays.

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