10 Huge Spoilers From The Leaked Supergirl Pilot

Is Supergirl actually set in the same world as Man of Steel?

Just like Gotham and The Flash last year, the pilot episode for Supergirl leaked online earlier this week six months before its premiere in November. It's hard not to wonder whether these "leaks" might be deliberate, especially as the episode is still online and generating a lot of positive buzz for the series following the release of a well-received six minute trailer. Like the lengthy preview which was released for The Flash, the trailer actually spoils almost the entirety of the episode by spelling out the plot for new viewers. It's something that a lot of pilot trailers seem to do these days as they look to hook in viewers by showing them what exactly they'll be getting if they decide to tune in. Despite that, there are lots of big reveals and twists and turns in the first episode of Supergirl which it didn't actually address! Here, you will find 10 of the biggest spoilers from that leaked pilot episode of Supergirl. From what role Superman actually ends up playing to the possibility that it's connected somehow to the DC Cinematic Universe, these will get you even more excited for one of this Fall's most exciting new dramas. You'll also find details on a shocking last minute twist and all of the surprising references to some classic Superman characters and locations...

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