10 Huge Spoilers From The Leaked Supergirl Pilot

10. The Reason Supergirl Was Sent To Earth

It's revealed immediately that Kara's parents sent her to Earth along with baby Kal-El to watch over and protect her cousin when they arrive on Earth. Somewhat ridiculously, the baby Superman already has the spit curl made famous by Christopher Reeve's version of the Man of Steel, but it's a touching scene which works well and borrows from the comics. Kara is rocketed off minutes after Kal, but that brief delay results in her being thrown off course by the destruction of Krypton. Though Krypton looks pretty basic, the special effects here and throughout the rest of the episode are surprisingly great for a TV show, with only one or two less than perfect examples which might take your mind off what you're seeing. However, it's where Kara is sent as a result of that explosion which will most excite fans...
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