10 Hyped 2020 TV Shows ALREADY Cancelled

Time to cancel those trips to Westeros, Santa Carla and the Bermuda Triangle.

Game Of Thrones Bloodmoon

In the current age of streaming wars, it seems like the desperation for content on every different platform has resulted in the actual production of every TV project you could wish for (provided you can afford all the different subscription fees).

2020 will give us Star Wars shows and Marvel shows of near movie-level scope and budget. Stuff that's been stuck in development hell for years, like the Snowpiercer TV series, Y: The Last Man or the TV adaptation of Brave New World, will finally arrive as well.

Of course, not every promised show is going to make it all the way to your living room. Just last week the high budget female-centric TV spin-off for the as yet unreleased Denis Villeneuve remake of Dune lost its showrunner, something which could throw the supposedly-airing-in-2020 series into jeopardy.

And if Dune: The Sisterhood doesn't make it, then it will be in pretty good company. Because even with the vast array of televisual riches on offer in 2020, there are still plenty of shows that sparked excitement when first announced, but whose spark soon fizzled out. Shows like these...


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