10 Iconic Moments From Shounen Anime

When Titans fell and Heroes bid farewell, these are shounen anime's most iconic moments.

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan 3
Toei Animation

Shounen anime tend to inspire some of the most devoted, and fierce, fandoms in all of entertainment.

Even years after the shows finish, their legions of devotees will ensure they never disappear from the conversation. And one of the main tethers ensuring fans stay attached to their beloved anime, are the major moments that defined the shows.

These were the moments that defined the storylines and elevated the characters to uncharted heights of popularity. Such was their impact, fans refuse to stop talking about them well after the story has reached its conclusion.

From legendary heroes making their final stands, to desperate last-ditch attacks and long-running plots reaching their climax in the most bittersweet of ways, these scenes have made fans experience every kind of emotion there is.


10. Tyson Taps Into The Power Of His Friends - Beyblade

The franchise may have gone to spawn a whole cluster of anime adaptations and spin-offs, but the original is perhaps the one best remembered. And for good reason. The journey of Tyson (or Takao) and his Bladebreakers as they went from backyard bladers to world champions, was a global sensation.

They saved the best for last, when the Bladebreakers found themselves up against the evil Demolition Boys (or Neo Borg) in the World Championship finals in Russia. With the finals happening under the backdrop of a devious scheme to weaponize Bit Beasts, and use them for world domination, the stakes went beyond mere sport

The deciding clash was set between Tyson and Tala (Yuri in the original). The latter used every weapon in his arsenal, including sealing both combatants in a wall of ice, combining all the stolen Bit Beasts to augment his power, and even attempting to get inside Tyson’s head.

None of it worked. In the end, the power of sheer determination and loyalty toward his friends pulled him through. The exclamation point was delivered by Kai, when he completely tossed aside his persona and declared that they weren’t just fighting Tyson, but rather all of them.

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