10 Invincible Comic Moments We Can't Wait To See In The Series

Invincible is returning for two more seasons, and there's plenty from the comic we haven't seen...

Invincible Amazon

Beginning in 2003, Kirkman's attempt at breaking into the superhero genre generated substantial buzz in the comic community, and has since captured the hearts of mass audiences with Amazon's exceptional TV adaptation.

Mark Grayson is Invincible, a new, exciting young crime fighter walking in his father's footsteps as a protector of Earth, all while maintaining friendships, navigating high school and, on occasion, battling meteoric monsters before the day is up.

His journey from ambivalent college drop-out to leader - and conqueror - of the Viltrumites reached a conclusion in the comic series' 144th issue, and though the show's first season covers only a handful, the promise of more has seasoned Invincible fans excited at what's to come.

Dubious alliances, shocking reveals and cataclysmic destruction are par for the course in Kirkman's superhero epic, which only gains traction the further into the series it goes. A somewhat slow start is a distant memory once Nolan's 'defection' to anti-human causes occurs, and the comic builds wonderfully on the surprising turn of events.

Folks whose interest was piqued with the show are in for a treat, and long-time fans of the comics are salivating at the opportunity to relive the story once again.


10. The End of All Things

Invincible Amazon
Image Comics

All good things must come to an end.

Invincible was initially pitched as an ongoing series, with Kirkman intending to pass the baton when his time with the series was done. The decision was made, however, to end Invincible after 144 issues. The climax, though slightly impromptu, was fitting of the series, with Mark and co finally ending the Viltrum threat and finding peace for the remainder of their lives.

Mark and Eve finally find balance in life and parenthood, there's a new Invincible ready to protect Earth and Thragg, along wit his ruthless regime, met his end on the surface of the sun. Despite losing some friends we met along the way, the conclusion is a happy one for most of the characters we'd grown to love.

It's an ending that was fashioned from a story arc that was never intended to be the series' conclusion. Yet, fans of the comic will insist that, in spite of this, it beautifully ties up the loose ends and sends our boy to a future that both he and his comrades deserve.

This is the end of all things, and it's a great one.

"What will you have after five hundred years?"

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