10 Laziest Star Trek Alien Designs

Star Trek is known for its aliens with slightly different nose ridges, but how many of them?

Shaving Star Trek Motion Picture Persis Khambatta Ilia
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Star Trek has given us such stand-out alien designs as the Klingons, the Remans, the Sheliak, and the Bolians. There have been so many, many stunning and outstanding designs that it's hard to narrow down just ten of them for a list. Thankfully, this isn't that kind of list.

For every antenna or forehead ridge, there's yet another alien with a slightly different nose bump. Sometimes it's higher on the nose, or lower on the nose. Once or twice, it might even sit to either side of the nose - just to spice things up.

Then, of course, there are those aliens who are just humans in a funny hat. No, really, just look at some of the entries here. There's quite a few times when the costume designer does the heavy lifting.

So sit back, rub the bridge of your nose, take everything with a warm-hearted pinch of salt, and let's dive in.

10. Angosian

Shaving Star Trek Motion Picture Persis Khambatta Ilia
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Starting off this list with a species that looks almost human, the Angosians appear in The Next Generation episode The Hunted. The episode offers a seemingly human-looking world that has got everything right, meaning everything is all well and rosy.

Then the veneer is pulled back, and the truth behind their perfect society comes through. The Angosians have condemned their veterans to penal colonies, shunning them from society, lest their experiences soil the perfect world they have helped to build.

Roga Danar, to the credit of the makeup team, is given accenting on his temples to differentiate him from James Cromwell's Nayrok, though he is otherwise exactly the same as the rest of his people. The episode is as subtle as a brick to the face in how it discusses the treatment of war veterans once they return home, though the lack of extreme makeup on the guest stars here actually serves to truly hammer home the point. At the end of the day, no matter the life experience, they are all the same people - those that serve, and those that benefit.

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