10 Mind-Blowing Battlestar Galactica Facts You Didn't Know

Lords of Kobol, hear our prayers: No Aliens, No X-Men, Thor's OK and why can I see the Enterprise?

Battlestar Galatica
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David Eick and Ronald D. Moore effectively changed the scope of television when the re-imagine Battlestar Galactica series debuted, first as a miniseries and then later as an ongoing series, in 2003. It was a show that reflected the swing away from optimism that the world had taken, following the events of 9/11.

The show was dark, miles away from the bright and sunny optimism of Star Trek (even though that series would influence this one).

It was also, despite its relatively short run, an incredible dense show, with lots of history and thought working through every episode that was produced. From ideas that never made it as far as the script to mysteries that continue to loom over the show today, there are many things that some fans never knew about this re-imagined series.

For example...

10. The Colony Was NOT The Cylon Homeworld

Battlestar Galatica

The finale of Battlestar Galactica includes a massive assault on The Colony, a heavily fortified location where the Cylons retreated to after the First Human-Cylon War. It is located near a black hole, with only one safe spot for jumping in and out, making it easily defensible and incredibly difficult to mount an attack against.

Although this was flagged as the base of operations for the Cylons, Ronald D. Moore confirmed that this was not the Homeworld. A Cylon Homeworld could easily be an artifical construction like this, as they had left the Twelve Colonies to find a new home.

However, for very simple reasons, the Homeworld is not seen on-screen in the entirety of the show. Moore felt that whatever the audiences' imaginations would deliver would far outstrip the show's designs, due in large part to the budget. He felt that depicting the Homeworld on-screen would leave people feeling stale, as there would be nothing they hadn't seen before.


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