10 Mind-Blowing Doctor Who Theories

rory Shows like Doctor Who set our imaginations free, and the outer reaches of time and space aren't far enough. We write fan fiction, we ship pairings and we come up with crazy, outlandish ideas and constructs that the writers must have thought of first, surely. Of course, the answers are usually as simple enough as someone gaining god-like powers, or the Doctor pressing a reset button, but this doesn't stop us speculating. There are countless incredible theories about the show scattered across the internet like geeky confetti. Here are ten of the wackiest ideas that Whovians have had. Which ones would you make canon?

10. The Weeping Angels Are In Fact Time Lords

timelords Perhaps something that a lot of viewers have missed, the Weeping Angels are referenced in 'The End of Time', when Rassilon declares that two Time Lords will "stand as monument to their shame, like the Weeping Angels of old". One of them, the mysterious lady speculated to be the Doctor's mother, covers her eyes with her hands like an Angel, perhaps in shame, or perhaps in fear of not being able to watch the lovely David Tennant regenerate. But does the connection go deeper than that? She does have a habit of disappearing when you're not looking, after all. We know that the Weeping Angels are as old as the universe itself, "or very nearly"; in that "very nearly" period, did they evolve from Time Lords? They live off time energy, after all, and no one knows their home planet. As with many Moffat creations, there isn't much crossover into Russell T Davies territory. It was Davies that planted the seed in 'The End of Time', and Moffat's not mentioned it once. Unless he's planning some big reveal soon, it remains unlikely, but given that the Angels are fleshed out more and more with every appearance, don't be surprised if we learn something incredible about them in their last story.
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