10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Friends

Phoebe and Joey almost did WHAT?

Friends All

Even some 25 years after it began airing, Friends remains one of the most popular TV sitcoms of all time, a ludicrously entertaining, perfectly-cast pop-culture phenomenon that's sure to win itself new generations of fans forever more.

And since the show ended in 2004, various cast and crew members have chimed in on its decade-long production, giving fans fascinating tidbits and little-known facts they never could've guessed.

From a near-miss creative decision that would've changed the entire complexion of the show, to behind-the-scenes disputes that almost killed the series long before its time, and the secret suffering one cast member went through during one of the show's most pivotal episodes, these fast facts will drop the jaws of any Friends fan, hardcore or casual.

As a testament to how differently things could've been, how far-reaching Friends' influence on pop-culture has been, and how pitch-perfect the six cast members were for their roles, soak in these brain-melting facts about the show...

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