10 Minor Doctor Who Actors Who Became Big Names

What do Darth Vader, Dot Cotton, and Spider-Man have in common...

Nine years since its barnstorming return to BBC One, Doctor Who has once again reached a point where it€™s a pit-stop for many an actor on the way to stardom. With 108 full length episodes under its belt; it has provided work for hundreds of actors in the past decade, a number of which were filling the minor roles and just getting their start in show-business. And naturally, some of them eventually moved on to bigger and better things. The latest Doctor Who alumnus to hit the big time is Enfield-born actress Christina Chong; who played ill-fated church soldier Lorna Bucket in 2011€™s A Good Man Goes To War and is now heading to a galaxy far far away with an as yet unspecified role in Star Wars Episode VII. But Chong is far from the first actor to achieve stardom after starting out in Doctor Who. A number of stories from both the classic and modern eras include appearances from actors who have gone onto becomes household names both at home and abroad. From masked actors in supporting roles to a current Hollywood leading man, these are 10 actors who appeared in Doctor Who before they made it big...

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