10 Modern British Comedies You Must Binge Watch

Feeling (locked) down? These comedic gems are bound to get you wheezing with laughter.

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British comedy is an institution, decades of series have come and gone making each generation laugh out loud.

People look fondly on the likes of Fawlty Towers and Absolutely Fabulous. It is undeniable that the brains behind Monty Python are some of the funniest to ever grace our screens. Some shows have even managed to revive after years away from screens due to fans thirst for more; Red Dwarf is one of these lucky few brought back from the dead.

Whilst these hold a special place in many fans hearts, there are a multitude of new shows that deserve just as much attention. Over the last 20 years British comedy has been as strong as ever, often showcasing talents that go from strength to strength to become big names outside of their comedy roots.

These are 10 completely bingeable shows but by no means the only ones you should give your attention to.

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