10 Modern British Comedies You Must Binge Watch

10. The Inbetweeners


Spawning three seasons, two films, and a flopped american version, The Inbetweeners is an untouchable comedy force.

We are introduced to four undeniable losers as they try and survive their final few years in school. Will serves as our way into the group as he moves schools and somewhat unwillingly becomes friends with Simon, Jay and Neil. Each boy is as weird and awkward as the last, providing the audience with laugh after laugh. From Simon's obsession with on/off girlfriend Carli to Jay's endless imaginary sex life, the cast are uncomfortable to watch but utterly compelling.

The boys have an undeniable chemistry and it's not hard to see why they managed to get two movies on top of the show itself. If you needed more reason to watch it then Greg Davies as sarcastic and slightly vindictive head teacher Mr. Gilbert is a standout delight too.

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