10 Moments Edited Out Of Your Favourite TV Shows

9. Hannah's Suicide - 13 Reasons Why

The Office Michael

Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why proved immensely controversial upon release for the direct manner in which it depicted the suicide of focal teenager Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who is shown slitting her wrists in a bathtub in the first season's finale ("Tape 7, Side A").

While some felt that the show shone a confronting light on the gravity of suicide, others expressed concern that it may have inadvertently glorified suicide to any viewers struggling with their own mental health issues.

Devastatingly, studies suggested that teen suicide spiked in the week following the first season's release, and so shortly before the third season aired - more than two years after the suicide scene was first released - Netflix made the decision to cut the scene out after consulting with mental health professionals.

Now, the episode abruptly cuts to Hannah's parents discovering her body albeit without showing the grisly particulars of her carrying it out. Fan opinion on the edit remains divisive, though the end result is still completely devastating.


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