10 Moments Edited Out Of Your Favourite TV Shows

8. Jez's Blackface - Peep Show

The Office Michael
Channel 4

Throughout its run, Peep Show made an art out of making the audience feel as uncomfortable and embarrassed as possible, and perhaps its most squirm-inducing scene occurs in the series two premiere, "Dance Class".

Jez (Robert Webb) and his girlfriend Nancy (Rachel Blanchard) embark on a relationship where Nancy wishes to break as many social taboos as possible, including having Mark colour his skin black before having sex with her.

But in light of 2020's Black Lives Matter protests, a number of TV series and movies containing blackface scenes were either re-edited or removed entirely, and so current distributor Netflix made the decision to remove the offending scene.

Though the gag is ultimately at the expense of the characters and their own ignorance about the wider cultural implications of blackface, its removal at least doesn't affect the episode's overarching narrative at all.

Those who wish to see the episode in tact, however, can still find it unedited - albeit with commercials - on Channel 4, who added a statement: "We do not believe that erasing our creative history is a quick fix for the issues affecting our society today."

See part of the scene for yourself at 5:04 in the clip below:


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