10 Moments When The Simpsons Went Too Far

3. Lisa Gets Addicted To Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke - Smoke On The Daughter (2008)

You know that things have started to go array in the creativity department when a popular TV show's plot hinges on a character becoming better at ballet whenever they inhale second-hand cigarette smoke. Seriously: that's what happens in 2008's Smoke on the Daughter in a storyline that involves Lisa Simpson doing exactly that. How in the hell did such a defective plot make it through to an actual episode? It's absolutely ridiculous stuff. And it's not like the idea of second-hand cigarette smoke is even funny; it's almost like the writers used a random generator (much like the one featured in that cutting South Park episode poking fun of Family Guy) and the words "Lisa," "ballet" and "second-hand cigarette smoke" came out. Did Smoke on the Daughter also attempt to be controversial in the process? Who knows? Who cares, even? A lackluster episode; embarrassing and very dumb.
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