10 More Awesome TV Shows Nobody Is Watching

7. Vikings: Valhalla

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Nothing gets folks juices flowing quite like the sight of some roaring humans, blokes sporting lengthy beards and many an axe being swung, eh?

So, it wasn't too difficult to understand why many were quick to hop on the mighty ship that was Vikings: Valhalla, the sequel to History's hit Vikings series, when it made its Netflix debut back in early 2022.

In fact, the follow-up was so damn popular, Netflix simply had no choice but to order a whopping two more seasons in the wake of the testosterone-stuffed epic earning 37.7 million Complete Viewing Equivalents 25 days into its release.

Not quite as many folks appeared to have been up for that return to the hard-hitting war between the Vikings and the English, though, with the first four days of the second season being available only seeing 8.6 million CVEs compared with the prior season's 11.9 million in that same amount of time.

Despite this, Season Two has still managed to earn even stronger reviews than its already critically acclaimed previous season. So, there's at least a decent chance some strong word of mouth will keep this ship from sinking and bring back some of those viewers seemingly lost between seasons before its third outing sets sail.

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