10 More Frustrating Star Trek Moments

It's true that you can't always please everyone, but these scenes left no one happy.

Star Trek Into Darkness

There have been times in Star Trek's history when even the most devout fans have found themselves yelling at their screens.

Over the years, some of the decisions from the production crew have caused quite a lot of controversy. We've already done one list talking about some of these irritating moments in Trek that make our blood boil, but there are still plenty more to discuss. Here, we're going to focus on the moments that became the most notorious in the fanbase for how awful they were.

Missed opportunities to tell interesting stories, dumb lines of dialogue, horrible visual effects and many more blunders will all be considered. Basically, we're looking at anything that, for any reason, irritated a large segment of the fanbase. There's still plenty more that we haven't touched on yet, but these are some of the most outstanding examples of Star Trek boldly going in the wrong direction.

10. Voyager Skipping Past Borg Space

Star Trek Into Darkness

After Voyager was flung into the Delta Quadrant, it was only a matter of time before they ran into the Borg, whose territory was known to be located directly between them and Earth.

Unfortunately for fans of the show, Voyager's stay in the heart of Borg space was much more brief than they originally predicted. Kes went 'Super Saiyan' and launched the ship all the way to the other side of their territory in The Gift, one episode after Voyager first entered it in Scorpion.

Voyager went on to encounter the Borg several more times throughout the series, but the writers having them skip past the most difficult part of their journey so easily wastes so much story potential. We could have had a season-long arch of Voyager struggling desperately to make it through the home of one of the most terrifying empires in Trek. It would have been the perfect opportunity to give the show a bit of a darker tone and raise the stakes, maybe have one of the crew assimilated.

Having Kes launch the ship to safety with her telepathic powers was a good idea, but it definitely would have been nice to see more than two episodes inside of Borg territory.

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