10 More TV Sitcom Characters With Shockingly Dark Backstories

Why were so many sitcom characters abandoned as children?!

Erin The Office

What is your go-to cure when life has been getting you down? For some, it's a nice long walk in the park or a glass or two (or six) of wine. But for many more across the globe, it's a good old-fashioned sitcom.

The situational comedy genre is a purebred delight designed to give you an easily digestible story with some hearty laughs. Anyone who likes to giggle along to charming characters and goofy scenarios will find a home away from home in the likes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends, Seinfeld, and more.

However, while these shows and the characters that occupy them seem far removed from the harshness of the real world, they can still be impacted by them.

There are many sitcom characters who have tragedy woven into their personalities. Whether it's a traumatic childhood, an unpleasant past event, or any number of things, it's safe to say the darkness of these character backstories will take you by surprise.

10. Rosa Diaz - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Erin The Office

Rosa Diaz! She's the bonafide badass who always wins the crown as the Ninety-Ninth Precinct's toughest cop. But was she born a tough nut, or did her traumatic childhood make her one? 

In her youth, Rosa attended a deeply religious school and acted as a model student until she dropped out to study ballet. Sadly, Rosa's time at the American Ballet Academy was so intense and high-pressure that she collapsed under the weight of expectation, snapping and becoming violent towards the other ballerinas. 

Assault wasn't her only crime, as she also started breaking into houses and committing a litany of felonies. This landed her a spot in Juvie and got her booted out of ballet school. On top of this, her parents kicked her out of the house and told her she'd have to fend for herself. 

Thankfully, while many would have fallen deeper into this den of despair, Rosa powered through and learned how to be strong. This eventually led her to become a detective and gave viewers the hardened yet caring character they grew to love.


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