10 Most Adult Moments In Batman: The Animated Series

The darkest moments from the Dark Knight's DCAU debut.

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For a generation of DC fans, Kevin Conroy - the voice behind the Dark Knight in the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series - will always be the definitive version of Batman.

Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski and the rest of the BTAS crew were on to something magical when the series got underway in the early 1990s. Even though it may have been a cartoon, the creative team behind the series were able to deliver a truly mature take on the Caped Crusader's world - one that often ventured into dark territory.

Throughout much of the series' run, most of the tragic moments came at the expense of the rogues gallery that Batman came up against. Whether it be just some heinous act from the Joker or someone down on their luck turning to a life of crime, these weren't just the standard baddies for the Bat to beat up in each week's episode.

Then again, the most complex person is Batman himself, with one or two episodes showing the more human side of the character.

While there have been many iterations of Batman throughout the years, this is the one that took the audience most seriously - regardless of their age.

10. Baby Doll's Meltdown - Baby Doll

Throughout the episode, we get to see just how hard Mary Dahl has had it ever since her iconic show wrapped, never managing to find any work outside of being typecast as the cutesy kid.

Driven insane from never being able to recapture the love she received in her original show, Baby Doll kidnaps her former cast members and holds them hostage. Batman intervenes, which leads to a chase through a nearby funhouse, with Dahl shooting at the Dark Knight with her gun.

As she keeps missing Bats in the process, she comes upon one mirror that warps her into her ideal self, which she eventually shoots down with teardrops streaming down her face.

This is a woman who has absolutely nothing left and will now spend the rest of her life behind bars all because she wanted to be happy again. While we all love to see the villains fail, you should never forget that they're all real people behind those masks.


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