10 Most Awesome Season Finales Of All Time

10. Dallas - 'A House Divided' (Season 3)


The Episode:

Before the screen turned black, two shots ringing in audiences ears and jaws firmly agape, the notion of the season cliffhanger was unknown. But landmark Dallas episode, A House Divided, changed all that.

A dramatic finale to what was another twisty, turny and smouldering season - its third - in the show's history, the episode started with those nicer Ewings coming to realise that Larry Hagman's shark-grinning tycoon had swindled them. The end result was an anonymous assailant taking him down. Thus began an 8 month hiatus for the show that had audiences worldwide whipped up into a frenzy.

A bona fide phenomenon that we'll never get boerd of seeing parodied - just don't ask about the season four reveal.

Best Moment:

He pours himself a drink. He hears a knock. He takes two in the gut. Genuinely shocking stuff.


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