10 Most Awesome Season Finales Of All Time

8. Twin Peaks - Episode 7 (Season 1)

Breaking Bad Walt Jesse Face off

The Episode:

In eight episodes (let's not forget the pilot) David Lynch set out to do one thing: create a woman in peril murder mystery, turned on its head. Mission accomplished.

In this finale - like all preceding episodes, it was given a nondescript title before being later billed as 'The Last Evening' - we see arson at the mill, Leland exacting revenge on the man who he believes to have killed his daughter and every loose end being tied up - only this time, in a complex knot that not even a boy scout could untangle.

Best Moment:

Ever the lover of classic cinema and the darker undertones of suburbia, Lynch apes the TV serial (Dallas, we're looking at you) and the whodunnit with Episode 7's parting shot, where Kyle MacLachlan's agent Cooper answers a knock at his hotel door to an uncertain fate. Mind bending.


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