10 Most Binge-Watchable TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

7. Friends

Peaky Blinders

The undisputed king of binge-watchable comedy. The full 10 season run of Friends is pretty much mandatory viewing for any fan of light-hearted yuks. The show revolves around the lives of six 20-30 somethings living in Manhattan, navigating life and each other in the perfect execution of the background, easy-watching laugh fest formula that has since been adopted by more recent shows like How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.

All 10 seasons are available on Netflix, and with so many hours of entertainment, it’s so easy to just roll over back to the beginning once you’ve finished it, having most likely forgotten all the early season escapades. This leads to an inescapable cycle of Friends that will occupy your every waking and sleeping moment.

It’s one of the archetypical 90s comedies for a reason, after all.

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