10 Most Binged Horror TV Shows Of All Time

The shows that get you thinking, "just one more episode..."

All Of Us Are Dead

People who enjoy life's darker side can tire of the sugary sweetness of sitcoms or the borderline mundanity of realistic dramas. This is why horror is such a booming TV genre, as while plenty of people avoid it like the plague, others will stay up well into the night watching scary content, despite their best judgement.

There was a time (still ongoing, to an extent) when horror TV shows were considered very niche. Channels could only show scarier/darker programmes after certain times, meaning there was less scope for creating nightmare-inducing titles. However, the rise of streaming has allowed the genre to dig its claws into the mainstream, and oh boy, has it latched on hard.

You can't step onto a new streaming service without seeing some top-notch horror. Even the House of Mouse has thrown their hat into the ring, with titles like Prey and The Empty Man on Disney+. Naturally, this wealth of content has led to plenty of shows that have been bingeable as hell, with the following ten being the tip top of that mountain.

If you want a new watch for the upcoming Halloween season, check any of these out - if you haven't already.

10. Sweet Home

All Of Us Are Dead

When you think about bingeable TV shows that went way above what people expected, your mind probably wanders to Squid Game. Now, that show would be on this list were it not for the fact that calling it horror is a bit of a stretch. Thankfully, there's another South Korean Netflix original that performed incredibly well, and it's called Sweet Home.

This action-horror series (which predated Squid Game by a year) follows a host of survivors in an apartment complex as they battle humans-turned-monsters. It's full of action and thrills and doesn't let up, with a pounding pace and some big old scares.

Performance-wise, Sweet Home has the luxury of calling itself the first South Korean series to enter the Netflix Top 10 in the United States. It didn't reach the same heights as Squid Game, but cracking into the top three in a very short time is incredibly impressive for a non-English show.

The series is easy to get through, as the fantastic visual effects and tense moments keep you engrossed. Netflix clearly noticed this success as it's commissioned for another two seasons.


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