10 Most Bizarre Cameos By Wrestlers On TV Shows

This is why they're usually only filmed INSIDE the ring.

The Undertaker Iap

Professional wrestling, though still something of a niche entertainment spectacle, rides waves of popularity, and occasionally finds itself intertwined with the mainstream. When that happens, there's usually an influx of wrestlers making their way onto all kinds of different TV shows.

Given the success superstars like The Rock and John Cena have had outside of the business, and the fact that wrestlers have to learn scripts and display a semi-complex range of emotions inside the ring (which, believe it or not, includes more than just Ouch Ouch That's My Ankle and Please Stop Elbowing My Face), you might think they'd be capable of showing up on another TV program without making a complete fool of themselves.

The Rock Hannah Montana

And sometimes that's true. Kane was pretty good on Smallville. Triple H knocked it out of the park on The Drew Carey Show. And of course The Rock has been great on his Saturday Night Live appearances.

But what you quickly realize when watching some of them perform alongside actual actors is that they're not always up to the task. Hell, a lot of times that task isn't one any self-respecting human being would accept in the first place.

And sometimes that all adds up to an incredibly strange brew.


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