10 Most Bizarre Commercials Ever

Because everyone wants their snacks to explode out of their stomachs, right?


It’s hard to gauge how successful any given commercial is. Do you look at longevity? Brand awareness? Increase in brand popularity? Perhaps it’s a combination of these factors. And that still ignores the key point of commercials: sales figures.

In a way, they can seem pointless. We’ve all heard of Nike and McDonald’s so why would they pay big bucks for commercials? But ads are often less about convincing you to buy it at that very moment, and more about embedding the brand in your psyche. Establishing themselves within your personal zeitgeist.

It’s when companies try to exploit this that we see some truly bizarre commercials. Some are shocking and end up getting banned for their troubles, others run with off the wall concepts and end up being mini icons of their time. Celebrity involvement often adds something special, especially if they’re a little out of character. And some are just seriously weird misfires.

Whether these adverts were successful or not could be debated. Most are pretty memorable, though some are for the wrong reasons entirely. One thing’s for sure: These ten commercials are certainly bizarre.

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