10 Most Brutal Characters In The Walking Dead

Which characters from AMC's hit series are the most brutal and bloodied?

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The Walking Dead has never hidden the killer instinct of its characters. With the universe being home to some of the most sinister villains and ruthless heroes to ever appear in the horror genre, it's safe to say that even the good guys can really throw murder around like it's a frisbee in the park.

In their defence, it's undeniable that after that long in an apocalypse, you probably would become accustomed to it all. When you're competing for the remaining resources in order to protect you and your loved ones, you're going to get some bloody hands.

As a rule, the tally of bodies a character has on their wall won't be a factor, as the nature of the kills are going to be the basis of this list. There will be no inclusion of the comics, the video games, or any of the spin-off series. Dispatching of walkers won't be factored in either, as that is something everyone deals with, and it's mostly just bullets or stabs to the head.

Also, for those who haven't caught up or seen the show - SPOILERS AHEAD

10. Jocelyn

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A very sadistic one-time villain of the show, and an old friend of Michonne's, Jocelyn kidnapped children and trained them to be scavengers and killers in order to protect her.

A very manipulative and cunning leader of the group of children she acquired, she believed that because she was teaching the children to be merciless, she made them strong, and apparently that justified the extreme behaviour. It was this manipulative nature that gained her access to Alexandria, and she kidnapped the kids there, including Judith Grimes.

Jocelyn also managed to capture Michonne and Daryl, and instructed the kids to torture them by branding them like cattle. The children also slashed at Michonne's stomach while she was pregnant with RJ.

A truly expert performance by Rutina Wesley, she is taken eventually taken out by Michonne. This conflict was so rich it could have occurred over a few episodes, but as the event happened during the time-skip, it wasn't to be. Nonetheless, Jocelyn was a cunning and sinister presence in the Walking Dead's darkest episode.


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