10 Most Brutal TV Weapons

8. Resurrection Gauntlet And Life Knife - Torchwood

Negan Lucille THe Walking Dead

A nasty concoction of death, then life, then dying again. These two mysterious objects from the Doctor Who spin-off are alien artefacts with the power to resurrect. Depending on the empathy of the person wearing it, the gauntlet can bring someone back from the dead for a few minutes, longer if killed by the life knife.

Enter Torchwood employee Suzie Costello, who's been killing people with the painful three-bladed life knife to research the gauntlet. The resurrected victims are usually traumatised in their few minutes of life before returning to the void. Once caught, Suzie shoots herself, seemingly to escape repercussions. However, it's all in aid of an elaborate plot to live forever.

In a later episode, brutal murders in Cardiff point to Suzie's involvement, and Torchwood brings Suzie back to life to get answers. This time, however, she's permanently alive, leeching off Gwen Cooper's life force as Gwen slowly experiences being shot in the head in slow motion. Ouch.

Fortunately, all is saved when Torchwood-member Tosh destroys the glove, severing the connection. However, we all know gloves come in pairs, and Captain Jack Harness makes the mistake of recovering the left-handed gauntlet, which leads to ex-Doctor Who companion Martha Jones being attacked and severely aged by the glove-gone-rogue.

So to recap, side effects of the gauntlet and life knife may include death, resurrection trauma, second permanent death, slow life draining, rapid ageing, stabbed thrice, and allowing Death itself a physical form to enter our universe.


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